Gameplay is a co-op multiplayer survival game where your goal is to build your own space-station, grow your colony, and defend it against hostile threats. 



You are one among the many who fled to Asteroid Belt Junon in order to escape the tyranny rule of the Rebel Empire.  In this newfound home, you have access to vast amount of resources needed for survival. And its your best chance to start fresh,  work with other survivors, and help strengthen the economy of Junon. However, there are reports of unknown hostiles that lurk around at night. And the Rebel forces are relentless in chasing down defectors and destroying any factions who dare oppose them. 

Updated 11 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsCo-op, Multiplayer, Sandbox, Space, Tower Defense
Average sessionAbout an hour
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer

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People are joining with names like "P*dophile". can there at least be a filter?

Deleted post

yes there will be soon kuroro told me this

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Oh, um, okay. *sweats*

a basic profanity filter has now been added

Hey, can we get a version that works on mobile? I play on mobile, and cannot play this. It looks very interesting, and has a good concept.


It's planned for the future. Mobile web (i.e safari, android chrome) will be supported first. Then native mobile would come later. 

Bro, you gotta tell us how to save the game. Or at least tell us how to get back to our game!!!


World saving is on my next todo list. I'll keep you posted

could you fix the ventilator? it places unusable ones when you pull it out and refuses to place.

There should be a offline version that you could download


Devs you should add an option to make a private colony where people can join only by invites

Absolutely this, i know the dev is going for a .io browser thing but honestly id love to play this in a more closed setting

Hey. Its definitely being worked on. I agree that its useful to have private colonies :)