Sealed Doors + Colony Preview

Sealed Doors

If you want a certain room to be off-limits to other people, you can build a "Sealed Door", which has been added to the game. You can choose whether "Admin", "Members", or "Everyone" can open and go through the door

Colony Previews

When browsing the "Visit Colony" menu, you can now see screenshot previews of the game. Not all of them have screenshots yet as its only generated when a player plays the game. So it might take some time for most colony entries to have previews. But it'll be a better way to get an overview of what the colony is like.

Gold is now virtual

Instead of having a physical gold in your inventory, they're all converted to a virtual gold that's displayed in your top-left screen or in your inventory menu. You can still send players money (just need to click on them, and click the 'send money' button.

Other Updates

  • Destroyed Crates now drop all items inside it instead of removing them from game
  • Shotgun bullets now go through multiple enemies

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