World Saving III. New Colony

World Saving 3: New Colony

Previously, creating a new colony means spawning a player instance in a shared map. Changes have since been made, and now, the "new colony" button would create a new map instance, which a player fully owns, and can be set as private or public. 

The reasoning for this is twofold. First, A lot of people want to just start fresh on a completely new map without built structures yet. The old system would have made them have to wait for certain conditions to happen (i.e 50% fully occupied map) before a new map would be created, and it was a hassle. 

Second, the old PvE based shared map system created a problem where players would wall of each other and prevent others from leaving their base. Because of the PvE rule that you can't destroy other players structures, it become a problem, and it has caused fights and arguments several times. With the new colony system, people can visit your colony/map but they will be part of the same team. Which means, anything built by guest players can be destroyed by the colony owner. And the colony owner has full rights to kick a player from the game, which will make them unable to join again for an hour.

Visiting Colonies

There's a disadvantage with the new system since players are now more spread out into different maps instead of a single large one. This game is designed to be a co-op survival with "multiplayer" as a focus, so we to provide an experience where you feel like you're interacting with lots of people. So one of the next things I wanna do is to make visiting other colonies more intuitive in game. Currently, you can browse public colonies on the home menu, but there's no way to do so in-game. It'll be great if players can see the stats on other colonies while in-game and visit each other anytime. As for shared large maps, I think that can be brought back once PvP is implemented. 


Some of the old saves would not work properly due to the new change and sorry about that. In case you get a warning that save file version no longer supported, you can delete that save file. In the future, save files would be backwards compatible.

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