Multiple Sectors

Multiple Sectors + Infrastructure Changes

The game would now automatically create new sectors/map whenever there's too much overcrowding. This ensures that new players would get the chance to find room to establish their colony and play in a less populated sector. There were actually quite a lot of infrastructure changes done behind the scenes, that's why it took longer to implement. Server costs are expensive, so in addition to auto-scaling up servers, scaling-down servers were also implemented to minimize costs. The basic idea is that when there are 0 players on a sector, a scaling manager would determine whether to shut it down based on factors such as how many total players are currently online, and whether it is running an old version of server code.

General Fixes/Updates

  • Mini Turret/Bullets/Lead Pipe can only hit 1 enemy at a time
  • Fix bug where plants cant be harvested by team mates

What's next

Basically, being able to save  and load your colony via account registration/login. The multiple sectors update is actually a necessary step before having the colony saving feature. This is because with colony saving, where structures are persisted long-term,  sectors are gonna get overcrowded very quickly.  But now that we have an infrastructure in place to dynamically load sectors offline/online, it becomes a little easier to deal with overcrowding. There might still be new issues that I have to deal with eventually, but for now, I'm gonna focus on just finishing this long awaited feature of save/load . 


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Oh yes I've been looking forward to this.

Yeah, a lot of people have voiced similar complaints of not having enough space to build, so hopefully this fixes things.