New Build System + Fixes

Queue Construction Time

Placing structures used to be instantaneous. While convenient, players have abused this by placing walls around other players. And since players cant break structures they don't own (to prevent griefing), they'll be trapped, unable to escape. To fix this problem, there's now a queued construction time of 5 seconds for any structures that block unit movement. This includes walls, crates, furnitures, etc. Floors and pipes, however will still have instant build since they don't really block player movement and can't be abused as easily.

General Bug Fixes

  • fix spike traps not working
  • disabled bed long range teleportation
  • limit building placement range to 7 tiles from player position
  • prevent players from placing floors on another players floor 
  • interact key 'e' should now work for international keyboard inputs 
  • fix raid appearing inside non-pressurized areas at times 
  • fix drill memory leak

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