Bug Fixes + Improved Landing Spot


I came across a few glitches last time (image atlas caching problem), and I thought the result looked interesting. Just wanted to share these

Bug fixes

I worked on mostly bugfixes on this update, and here's a list of things that were fixed

  • fix day count being overwritten when new players join
  • fix incorrect chunk boundingBox calculation which causes client desync bugs
  • prevent player from crafting stacked equipments (fixes indestructible weapons glitch)
  • suit station can only be dismantled when there's no suits on it
  • fix session-resume player inventory not working bug
  • fix oxygen meter overflowing
  • fix bug where crops are included in power network
  • fix mining drills not mining after loading from save file
  • fix turret having non-integer row/col count after loading from save file
  • prevent buildings from being placed right on edge of map

Improved Landing Spot

I also reworked player spawning algorithm to choose a land that is less than 60% occupied and has large enough surface-area for building a base. 

Login system in progress

I've implemented social login via facebook/google so far, but I haven't enabled it, as it doesn't provide the intended functionality yet - which is to allow player to go back to their old base. This would make more sense once there's a multiple sectors/map functionality, which is also what I'm working on. 

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