Storage Ownership + Object Placement + Bug fixes

Bug fixes

  • Previously, anyone can open anyone's steel crate or mining drills and grab items from them. We're fixing it so that only team members have access to them. 
  • You now need to be on same team to be able to place objects on a platform as well. 
  • Fixed bug where resurrected player no longer shows space-suit
  • Mini Map now renders buildings correctly. 
  • Prevent unowned buildings from getting damaged. Instead, anyone can salvage them. 
  • Mini Turrets have increased damage, and will no longer attack other teams buildings as its a PvE game. 

Quality of Life Features

  • You can now click an item in a storage to retrieve them instead of having to manually drag it to your inventory
  • Made it faster to disassemble floors, pipes, and wires
  • Mining Drills can now generate copper ores as well if placed on a ground with copper deposits

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