Game Balance: Mining Drills + Spiders

Less Tax Collection

Tax collection has been reduced from daily to every 3 days, and the amount increases by 100 every 3 days as well instead of daily.

Raid count

On day 4, once chemist spawns, it used to be that it'll spawn 8 guards + 1 chemist. This proved to be a little much. It has been reduced to just 4 guards + 1 chemist, and increases guard count by 2 on subsequent days

Spiders dont like Mining Drills

It used to be that spiders would spawn if room is dirty. This is no longer the case. Instead, they'll spawn on rooms where there are mining drills, but only if a colony owns more than 6 drills. The mining drills make enough noise to disturb the spiders living underground, causing them to unborrow and attack your base in certain days.

Mining Drill Placement

To prevent mining drill spam, you're only allowed to place them above asteroid grounds

Bug Fixes

  • Fix inventory disappearing when using right-click to move them
  • Fix bioraptor spawning in middle of base
  • Fix mobs attempting to chase players on space when in floors

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