v0.1.6 Alpha - Bug Fixes + Quality of Life


In the last two updates. I focused on some quality of life fixes such as making inventory transfer easier, and allowing people to set guest/team member permissions for anyone who joins their game. Also, reworked how Traders behave in general. They will periodically check if trading tables are nearby, and seek to its location, and will leave if none is nearby. There were also some server infrastructure changes that are meant to isolate games from each other so a crash from one game wouldnt affect the other. In the next update, I'll focus on improving the client-side performance of the game so that recording softwares will work well in producing a smooth video instead of a choppy one. I'll also work on some controls configuration so that people remap actions to another keyboard key other choice, as lots of people have requested this recently. And I'm gonna make game playable in mobile browser.  

Sep 20, 2019 - v0.1.6.alpha

  • Traders will always seek to nearby trading tables or leave if none is available
  • Traders no longer spawn corpse
  • Fixed bug where player inventory disappears when i click/drag on same inventory spot
  • Fixed shotgun bullets having incorrect trajectory
  • Fixed pathfinding bugs

Sep 15, 2019 - v0.1.5.alpha

  • Server Infrastructure Change. Better isolation for each game instance in terms of CPU/Memory
  • Added Guest/Member permissions to limit privileges of initial visitors
  • Storage Menu now shows player full inventory for transferring items
  • Enabled stacking items when dragging over similar item types
  • Kicking logged-in players should now work properly
  • Tutorial Index is now loaded properly across saving/loading
  • Fix certain ores having ridiculously high gold conversion amount
  • Refinery should only process ores
  • Fix save file loading where storage with drill inventory doesnt appear on the game
  • Spike trap will retrigger in 5 seconds instead of 50
  • Spike trap no longer catches fire
  • Fixed corpse dragging not working well

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