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Any way to actually save your progress? I got fairly far last night but someone jumped on my computer and closed the tab the game was open in.

how do you invite your friends?

You can form a party/colony on the party menu (keyboard shortcut is 'P'). Once created, you should see an invite link that you can share with your friends

So when i play the two islands are full of people that don't speak English and I generally want to start a new game. The fact that there are only two of them is a problem for me.

Just a suggestion, but could drinking cola give you the bottle back? I've been trying to set up a massive production, and that's been holding me back.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "setting up a massive production" (what are you trying to produce?) and in what way is "cola not giving bottle/can back" preventing you from setting up the 'massive production'

I've been trying to, once I'm happy with my base setup, farm massive amounts of fiber to stockpile massive amounts of cola. This entire process, once set up, requires no new resources to be gathered, so long as the bottles/cans were returned. I have a zero-mining setup otherwise; oil for my flamethrower, water for my air, potatoes for my food, simple.

But if cola doesn't return the bottle/can, it hinders my ability to create hundreds of colas, and never sleep again (don't ask why this is my goal in the game, it just is).

Alright. I see your point now. I'll consider this, and perhaps it would make sense to allow selling of used cans/bottles as well. 

Very interesting game, I did like the art style but maybe some music to create a more immersive atmosphere? Over all it was fun and I didn't even realize there were missions since I was just exploring everything :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

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This games needs more indication of where are you and who is around you.

I use escape pod "to create a colony". But when map is loaded, I see structures at that colony. So it means that it is not mine. Also there is a timer at top right corner - DAY 1 HOUR 4. So structures was created at day -1, -2? When I click "P" games tells me that I need to create colony. I have created it already. Or not? Also DAY 1 means that there are no other players at "my" map? Or my DAY 1 means DAY 123 for them? Etc. etc. etc.


Those are very valid points. Right now, there's only a single map and its overcrowded with structures already. I'll be adding support for multiple maps soon so that new players can have fresh start in unoccupied areas. 

The timer "Day 1" means how long you're currently alive for as opposed to the map. The party menu is mean for teaming up with people, but I can see how its currently confusing. I'll think more about how to make it more intuitive.  

when i start the game throught the itch app it opens the game with a title but only shows a white screen? should i have not downloaded it from itch?

thats odd. i just downloaded the itch app, and i was able to install/launch/play the game. If it's still happening, maybe try pressing `Shift+F12`, go to "Console" tab and see if there are any errors in there.

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People are joining with names like "P*dophile". can there at least be a filter?

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yes there will be soon kuroro told me this

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Oh, um, okay. *sweats*

a basic profanity filter has now been added

Hey, can we get a version that works on mobile? I play on mobile, and cannot play this. It looks very interesting, and has a good concept.


It's planned for the future. Mobile web (i.e safari, android chrome) will be supported first. Then native mobile would come later. 

Bro, you gotta tell us how to save the game. Or at least tell us how to get back to our game!!!


World saving is on my next todo list. I'll keep you posted

could you fix the ventilator? it places unusable ones when you pull it out and refuses to place.

There should be a offline version that you could download


Devs you should add an option to make a private colony where people can join only by invites

Absolutely this, i know the dev is going for a .io browser thing but honestly id love to play this in a more closed setting

Hey. Its definitely being worked on. I agree that its useful to have private colonies :)